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Ahmet Usta " Globial is a promising platform that solves a major problem in the world. Simply put, I call it LinkedIn for companies. If you have a LinkedIn account, your business must have a Globial account, too. "

Ahmet Usta Editor at Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Procopio Vera " I have been using Globial for more than 2 years and Globial has grown to be responsible for 1/3 of Five Gold Stars Maintenance's revenue growth, so Globial Pro membership is critical to our business. "

Procopio Vera President of Five Gold Stars Maintenance

From: Globial     RE: Top Company Sales Secrets

If you want to discover how to quickly increase your business sales online... what would you rather do?

Spend thousands of dollars/hours attending trade shows, paying for ads, cold calling, and sending emails, hoping that you get a response...


Use the B2B platform Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other businesses like yours use when they want to maximize their sales and boost profits?

Hey, we're Globial. We spend our time working with the best in global trade AND business-to-business online marketing. And there's a very big and profitable reason for that.

Here's the secret...

We've figured out that it's
not just who you know but...
who knows you...

That's why our b2b network works 24/7 to bring you qualified buyers

And because we know how to leverage this advantage...

1000's of others across the web like and follow us...

And we manage a top international small business blog, Globial Talks Business, with articles by experts on topics like...

Our intention is not to brag here, but to PROVE that our B2B network works like nothing else out there

So if you want to get the edge on your competitors... and that includes the BIG brands... you need Globial Business Pro membership

Like it or not, you're competing against major household names--giant brands who have millions of dollars to spend on promotion, advertising, & salespeople.

But with the right weapons you can take them on and WIN... no matter what niche or market you're in.

Ronnie Degelman " B2B from a networking point of view. Unlike other B2B sites, I like how Globial has a strong focus on references and referrals. This helps my company find trustworthy long time suppliers and buyers. "

Ronnie Degelman Vice President at JR Smith International Trade Co.

Sarah Ball " The platform offers nice profile pages for your business where you can post pictures of your products. Deals and buyer leads are all gathered and listed on your homepage which I find to be convenient...Despite the fee, the upgrade to Business Pro really optimizes your experience on the website. "

Sarah Ball Export-Import Manager at Eltem

As you may know, there's a limitless number of buyers running right under your fingertips every day...

...and all you need to know is how to tap into it.
Because when you do that...

You can command almost unlimited sales at will

And that changes everything for you.

Because right now, I'm betting the obstacle in front of you--in front of anyone who wants to grow their business to new heights online--is getting customers. Real, targeted, buying customers.

As the world evolves at lightning pace, sales generation techniques change in the blink of an eye...

...and that leaves eager businesses, large and small, confused or failing by the thousands.

85% of B2B buyers want B2B brands to interact & engage with them online.Source: Demand Gen

But the really surprising thing is...

You already have everything you need to explode your sales right now...
You're just not doing it the right way!

You have the products to sell... you just need buyers, but traditional ways of finding buyers is simply too expensive and too time consuming.

You could spend thousands or even millions of dollars on agents, commissions, salaries, trade shows, cold calls, direct mail, travelling abroad, meetings...

Or you can use the network even the big brands go to when they want to unleash a torrent of buyers.

75% of global buyers expect to use networks in future purchasing processes.Source: IBM

You can get more clients... More prospects... More leads...

You can start increasing your sales in less than 48 hours from now.

You can start creating a fresh, new prospect stream... an income stream... when you utilize the power of Business Pro membership in the Globial B2B network.

How To Sell Most Effectively in Business-to-Business...

Right now there's a lot of chatter about how you MUST use online selling to grow your business.

40% of corporate buyers spend at least 50% of their budget online, yet many suppliers lack online capabilities they demand.Source: Acquity Group

But has anybody ever showed you a completely global network for connecting with trusted buyers effectively? NO!

They just give you costly fluff and incomplete methods that will have ZERO effect on your bottom line, don't they?

You're about to find out our take on boosting your sales for this year and beyond...

...and we'll bet nobody else on the planet has THIS kind of solution.

71% of corporate buyers agree or strongly agree they would spend more if it was easier to browse and buy items from suppliers online.Source: Acquity Group

Evelyn Zoubi " Globial is way better than any other B2B network out there. If you are a supplier, you can advertise your products and even offer special sales! This is a must-have. And the best part is it's affordable and a great value. "

Evelyn Zoubi President at Glanse

Vlad Kachur " I no longer use Alibaba for finding suppliers from China. Globial is more reliable and easy. It's easy to see supplier references and that helps me find trustworthy companies to do business with. It's an awesome tool for companies! "

Vlad Kachur CEO at Promolta Inc.

Here's the secret to skyrocketing your profits...

It's not about searching for buyers...

The key is getting buyers to come to you

And that's why the Globial network is so valuable to your business. You'll find out how to get repeat sales and build an audience of people who WANT to visit your site or BUY from you today...

You want to connect your business with real buyers---quickly, simply, and easily

So that's exactly what we created.


Globial Business Pro

Premium Membership

Globial Business Pro Demo Screens on a Large Monitor

This isn't your "regular" sales boosting technique.

Don't think for one second this is some "here today, gone tomorrow" solution.

This fully complete, exclusive package will give you the tools you need
to start pulling in MEGA sales by the end of today.

A Success Story: Adomina

Here, listen to what one of our customers has to say about our Business Pro membership package...

Shared with us by John Timber, the Adomina company's global trade manager. Adomina is a global trade/import-export management firm based out of Los Angeles, United States. John Timber " Adomina was founded in 1999 to match credible buyers and sellers worldwide. We have more than 15 years of experience as global trade managers.

I started this company with my nephew with little money. I heard about Globial.com from one of our partners and I first joined in 2010 as a free member. My partner told me that it was a good platform to get business.

We now receive about 100 inquiries per month, 80% of them are from Globial.com. About 10% of these become actual orders. Although most of our customers are very small, some of them have become high value clients of our company over time. We are now exporting to more than 10 countries worldwide including China, India and Japan.

It's now our 2nd year as a Pro member. We have seen a large difference in our business results and received many more serious inquiries. Customers trust us and are willing to send advance payments. I recommend to everyone proudly that I get all of my business through Globial.com after becoming a Pro member. "

John Timber Global Trade Manager at Adomina

Globial in the Press

We couldn't have said it better ourselves (and we didn't have to)

Globial published in Bloomberg Businessweek, SV411, Killerstartups, and more

Amul Patel Jeff Pelton " The focus of the network is to engage relationship building and finding credible partners. Rather than job hunters, this network squarely aims at buyers and sellers from companies. There's even a marketplace where you can post and search for buyer leads and seller deals, with time saving filtering. "

" After getting a look at the product, we're sure this tool is making deals happen for companies around the world. We look forward to hear the success stories from the big and small companies using Globial. "

Amul Patel & Jeff Pelton Hosts at Smoking Hot Coffee

Richard K. Wallace " Globial, a startup company with a bold new vision of online global trade and a brand new business networking platform, is targeting small businesses seeking to engage in global trade with greater ease and trust than is currently available. "

" Globial has sent a shot across Alibaba's bow, its chief competitor, the giant China online trader. "

Richard Wallace Editor at The Next Silicon Valley

The Globial 14 day risk free
100% satisfaction guarantee

  • You MUST be amazed at how quickly your leads and sales shoot up...
  • You MUST be thrilled at the revenue potential...
  • And you MUST be blown away by how easy it becomes to build REAL business that lasts...


You'll get your 100% of your money back.

No hassles, no quibbles, no risk.

You get a full 14 days to freely check out Business Pro.

Cancel any time within the 14 days for a full money back refund.

100,000+ Companies Trust Globial for B2B eCommerce

Fortune 500 Companies Using Globial

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Return on Investment

Over 50,000 inquiries sent to Business Pro suppliers
since January 2013, expected to rise to 200,000 by the end of 2013
Over 2 million buyer and supplier visits
to Globial since January 2012

Locations of Registered Members

Industries of Buyers and Suppliers

Business Pro members get access to:

Key Benefits

Appear at the Top of Search Results

Your company and products will appear in the top 3 search results for keywords you select. Get additional exposure to increase your sales and inquiries.

Business Pro members can target up to 4 keywords to appear at the top of search results. Business Pro Plus members can target up to 10 keywords they want their company to appear for. Free Business members do not have access to this functionality.


See Buyer Leads First

Get access to thousands of Buyer Leads before Free members. Don't let a great opportunity to sell your products to interested buyers pass you by. Pro members can see the identity of who posted the Lead plus send a response immediately.

Business Pro and Business Pro Plus members will see Buyer Leads immediately after they are posted. Free Business account members will see Buyer Leads 20 days after they have been posted.

Offer More Seller Deals

Reach 100,000+ potential buyers by offering Seller Deals directly to interested customers. Offer a special deal on your product or service and it will be sent to thousands of matched buyers. Deals help you grow your business fast. 

Business Pro members will be able to offer 10 Seller Deals per week. Business Pro Plus Members can offer an unlimited amount of Seller Deals. Free Business accounts can offer only 1 Seller Deal per week.

Magnifying Glass

Premium Search Filters

Find exactly what you're looking for- faster-filter by manufacturers, distributors, buying offices, and more. Only want to talk to buying offices? You can filter your results to only see buying offices. Or filter by industries and more.

Business Pro and Business Pro Plus members get access to these advanced search filters. Free Business members don't have access to these filters.

See Full Names of Company Employees

Make more sales by knowing exactly who you're dealing with. Your sales prospecting will never be easier! Instead of only seeing partial names, you will be able to see the full names of the people you send messages to.

Business Pro and Business Pro Plus members can see the First and Last Names of employees listed for each Globial account. Free business members only see the first name of each employee.

Name Badge

More Responses with Business Pro Badge to Enhance Visibility and Credibility

Stand out with a visibility and credibility enhancing Business Pro Badge on your Profile. Buyers and Sellers will know immediately that you are a Pro level member on all of your posts, product pages, and more. Your company will be highlighted as a Pro member in search results, on your Profile, on your Products, and on your posts.

Business Pro and Business Pro Plus members both receive a Pro badge to signify their elite status, with Pro Plus having an even more premium badge.

More Product Uploads

Showcase everything your company has to offer. More products means more sales opportunities and inquiries. An expanded product showcase also gives you more chances to appear in search results and rank higher.

Business Pro members can upload 40 products. Business Pro Plus members can upload an unlimited number of products. Free Business members can only upload 20 products.

Checklist Clipboard
Compass and Map

Marketing Consultant to Help You Maximize Online Success

An online marketing expert will personally work with you to help you optimize your return-on-investment of your online marketing efforts. Don't know anything about SEO, social media, or other onlne marketing areas? Don't worry! Our experts will guide you with specific, tailored advice to help your company improve its online visibility.

Business Pro and Business Pro Plus members both receive these services. Free Business members do not have access to this service.

Manage Multiple Employees with Account Permissions

Assign different employees in your company account specific permissions and powers. Multiply your productivity by working together. Your entire team can use Globial while you maintain overall control.

Both Business Pro and Business Pro Plus members receive thes advanced team management capabilities on their Globial account. Free business members do not have acces to this feature.

Hands Together

"Within one month of becoming a Business Pro member, our revenues had jumped over 50%."
Jeb Johnson, President of Campbell & George Co.

Industries on Globial

  • Agriculture
  • Apparel & Clothing
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Chemicals
  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • Construction
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electrical Equipment & Supplies
  • Electronic Components & Supplies
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Excess Inventory
  • Fashion Accessories & Jewelry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Furniture
  • Gifts & Crafts
  • Hardware
  • Health & Medical
  • Home & Garden
  • Home Appliances
  • Lights & Lighting
  • Luggage, Purses, Bags & Cases
  • Machinery
  • Measurement & Analysis Instruments
  • Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services
  • Minerals & Metallurgy
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Packaging & Printing
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • Security & Protection
  • Service Equipment
  • Services
  • Shoes & Accessories
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles & Leather Products
  • Timepieces, Jewelry & Eyewear
  • Tools
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    You can always sign up for our more limited free Globial membership. Simply go to our main homepage to begin the sign-up process.

    Free members cannot reach as many buyers and typically receive much fewer inquiries. You will not receive all of the features included in the Business Pro and Pro Plus plans. If you are serious about increasing sales and getting more buyers, we recommend one of the Business Pro membership plans.

  • Why should I pay for Business Pro or Pro Plus?

    For a minimal fee, you get exclusive access to Buyer Leads before anyone else. You can offer deals on your products to an audience of thousands of potential buyers. Your company and products will also appear at the top of search results. These are just a few of the many ways Business Pro helps you increase your sales and get more customers. There's no risk involved--we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

  • Can I cancel my Business Pro membership?

    You may cancel your Pro membership any time within 14 days. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will refund the full payment amount when you cancel within 14 days of your purchase date. Send an email to pro@globial.com with your cancellation request.

  • How does payment work?

    You will be charged the yearly membership fee immediately after signing up for Business Pro or Pro Plus membership. Your next annual fee charge will be made on the same date in the next year.

  • What industries are on Globial?

    View a complete listing of all registered member industries on Globial or see a general percentage chart of industries and locations.

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